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The Pond Hide

Certainly our most extravagant project the pond hide has taken much of our time up during 2016. We have excavated a 20mx30m 2m deep pond to attract all number of water based species. Location was key in the planning stages and we went for a site close to a river meaning a great deal of our target species were already in the area using the river. The hides 8 portals sit just 3 inches from the waters surface granting a great low angle to the water yet remaining in a sitting position. there are a further 4 portals at around 2ft from the waters surface intended for using while photographing kingfishers perched. Backgrounds are all over 50m away and change colours through the seasons. The hide has provisions for a composting toilet however at time of writing it is not complete.

We are most excited about the kingfishers at this site. We have a pair that breed every year along our stretch of river and have built them some safe nesting chambers which also double as photographic chambers*. We want to offer something different with the kingfishers so although all the usual perched and diving shots will be available we intend on spending a great deal of time working with artificial lighting to created something that is offered no where else. This will probably be run as a workshop so be sure to sign up to the newsletter through the contact page as this is where details will be released.

Some of the other species that will make up your multi-species day from this hide may include buzzard, red kite, kestrel, barn owl, grey heron, little egret & osprey. The feeders for the small birds are also out and the sparrowhawk is a very regular visitor to them.

We set most our hides up for 300mm with convertors as we feel that a hide experience is best when the wildlife is close up. Tele-convertors on a full frame 300mm combination then give extra reach should you feel you need it and zoom lenses are great for a variety of images. Certain species from this hide are also well accustomed to wide angle photography. Flash can be used from this hide and can be particularly effective at our wide angle kingfisher site. We have them available for hire should you not own them.

This hide is never sold species specific. A day in here can throw up all the mentioned species and more on a good day and the likelihood of none of the key species showing on a bad day is very unlikely.

*We are schedule one licence holders for Kingfishers at this site.

Photos from this hide

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Species Seen at this Hide

Barn Owl, Buzzard, Heron, Kingfisher, Little Egrets, Red Kite,
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Currently unavailable for bookings - details will be available soon.

Hide Rules

  • If you need to leave the hide for any reason please phone ahead and someone will come and escort you. This is done to protect the hide from irreparable damage that can happen should the wildlife see you leave
  • The land the hides are on is a privately owned lake complex. Please do not leave the hide during your session and wander around as it is part of the agreement from the land owners that all guest will be escorted on and off the complex
  • Please leave the hide as you found it and take all litter home with you.


Wildlife photography hides are not liable for any personal accident and or injury.
Wildlife photography hides are not liable for any loss and or damage to personal items/equipment.
Booking onto hide days, tours or a workshop means that you accept the terms and conditions stated.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure a visit by the birds, they are completely wild and so we can never guarantee this.