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Our Hides

All our hides are professionally built using timber sourced from FSC certified woodland and milled on-site using our own sawmill. We have our own unique way of creating the portals to photograph from joining fabric directly to mirrored glass so as to offer great views out to the wildlife without the need to photograph through the glass. All our permanent hides have been placed with careful consideration for background, light and angle of view and most are hired out as multi-species hides designed to attract some of the more iconic british species. We like to get our subjects close to you so there is no need for big expensive lenses and depending on the species in question this can be anywhere from 3-12m away. As with all wildlife certain species can never be fully guaranteed and so it is for this reason that we create habitat for multiple species so as the chance of nothing coming into photographable range is greatly diminished. Take a look at the hides that we have available for hire at various times of the year.